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About Us


Walking down Delima Tani’s court yard is like walking into a garden of Eden, a greenhouse laced with beautiful and exotic flowers and plants. Pots of plants and herbs are lined up so organized that one will feel he or she is in patio of greeneries, an oasis of colourful field.


Delima Tani, a nursery since the early of 1989 offers out-of-the-world ranges of flowers, plants, herbs, fertilizers and planting tools and accessories. One would not miss out the landmark along Jalan Subang, Sg. Buloh where Delima Tani stands tall alongside the road.

Our Nursery Blooms

Our nursery blooms over 100 types of plants and listed below are part of the plants and accessories with some of them bearing our in-house brands of Delima Tani, Baba and Baba – Insigne :
  • Petunia 
  •  Rosemary 
  •  Cactus 
  •  Vinca 
  •  Lavender
  •  Stevia 
  •  Chrysanthemum Shrubs
  •  Fern Plants